Hayes Handpiece Repair And Dental Equipment Supplies

10-Step Process

10-Step Process

1.Schedule a pick up

2.Use customised software to determine if handpiece is covered under warranty

3.Diagnose the problem

  • Test water spray, chuck strength and turbine
  • Test for air leaks
  • Check fibre optics
  • Look for any cracks or dents
  • Ream head if applicable

4.Disassemble the handpiece, removing all moving parts and components

5. Clean the handpiece externally and internally

6.Check impeller and spindle for wear and nicks

7.Test for concentricity

  • Perform concentricity tests using proprietary concentricity gauge
  • The proprietary concentricity gauge allows Hayes technicians to prevent bur deflection from exceeding .0011 inches, which reduces stress and potential damage to the handpiece turbine

8.Overhaul handpiece and reassemble

  • If the turbine is rebuildable, rebuild with premium parts and bearings to OEM standards
  • If the turbine failed chuck strength and/or concentricity tests, install a replacement turbine
  • Inspect and repair water spray to ensure proper atomisation
  • Check water and chip air tube
  • Replace O-rings, fibre optics and end gasket if applicable
  • Rethread if applicable

9.Test torque, RPM and noise

10.Return handpiece and review maintenance procedures with your staff if needed

  • Discuss maintenance for handpieces and attachments
  • Review different types of lubricants and cleaners
  • Check air pressure for each handpiece
  • Review autoclaving and related procedures