Xcision® Crown Spreader

A unique member of our Xcision® line, this German stainless steel crown spreader quickly splits a crown resulting in its rapid removal. Simply score the crown with a bur creating a slot wide enough for the crown spreader beaks. Place the crown spreader into the slot and squeeze the handle allowing the beaks to separate and split the crown.

Wynman Crown Remover

The tungsten carbide inserts on this instrument will grip the temporary crown securely without slipping. This secure grip aids in the removal of the temporary crown while still intact.

Morita twinpower

New Morita twinpower Ultra Series handpieces offer a small compact head size for improved access and views in the oral cavity. This product line includes the new UltraM and UltraE.

Although these handpieces are mini in design, their power is equal to or greater than many high torque turbines. Please click on link to view PDF brochure. Twinpower ultra brochure