High Speed Handpiece Service and Repair

Brands we support

At Hayes Australia we specialise in servicing and repairing the following Brands
  • Morita - Australia Factory service agent
  • Kavo
  • W&H / Adec
  • Sirona / Siemens
  • MK-Dent
  • NSK
  • Impact Air
  • BA International
  • Bien Air
  • Ask us about other brands as well for turbine / cartridge overhaul .

    We thoroughly check your handpiece

    At Hayes we are one of a selected few handpiece repairers that have a concentricity gauge. Meaning we can press bearings off your turbine and check the balance and runout of you turbine. If this passes all tests we can press new ceramic bearings on to your current turbine. Saving you $$$.
    Standard overhaul includes:
    • Replacing bearings, o’rings and seals
    • We only use ceramic bearings
    • Concentricity check on turbine and spindle
    • Cleaning of air and water lines
    • Cleaning and polishing of external shell
    • Testing under load at manufacture psi specification
    Call our office for pricing and warranty information. Aftermarket and OEM Turbine replacements

    Prompt turn around time (3 - 4 days)

    Hayes is able to offer our customer an option to save money by choosing to go with our aftermarket turbines that have been tried and tested in the USA for over 28 years. We can offer this on all brands of handpieces.
    Please call our office for pricing.